SNP Women’s Convener


I have been an active members of the SNP since 2011 and was a founding member of Generation Yes, the national youth campaign for independence in the run up to the 2014 referendum. I was National Convenor of the YSI for two years from 2015 – 17. In 2016 I was elected to the SNP’s NEC and served on SOAC. I was a Scottish Parliament Candidate for the Glasgow List in 2016 and was elected as a Councillor for Greater Pollok in 2017. I have successfully proposed motions at SNP Conference on all female lists, inclusive education and raising the age of military recruitment to 18. I am originally from the Isle of Bute but now live in Glasgow. I am Chair of the national charity the Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) Campaign and I study law part time at Glasgow University.



I see the main role of Women’s Convener of the SNP as twofold. Firstly, to support and amplify the voice of women within the SNP, and secondly, to encourage and support women to become active members of the SNP, and where possible, elected to office, be that at a branch office bearer level or into national elected office.


To Create a Strong Women’s Caucus

  • Using the regional structures I will organise a women’s caucus meeting in each region of Scotland in 2020. 
  • I will constitute the SNP’s Women’s Caucus and will organise a SNP National Women’s Conference in 2020.


To Establish the SNP Women’s Mentoring Project

  • In 2015 I launched the SNP’s women’s mentoring project as Convener of the YSI. I will use that knowledge & experience to launch a national SNP women’s mentoring project in 2020.


To Increase Female Membership and Get More Women Elected

  • I will create campaigns to encourage more women to join the SNP and to further encourage more women to get involved with local campaigning. 
  • I will support those already in elected positions and I will encourage and support more women to stand for election. This could be at a branch level or in preparation for the Scottish Parliament elections in 2021 or the Local Government elections in 2022.


Work With Women to Create and Shape Policy

  • I have a great deal of experience of driving policy within the SNP and aim to use the regional Women’s Caucus meetings and National Women’s Conference to formulate policy aims which can be submitted for adoption at SNP National Conference 2020.
  • Creating a strong National Women’s Caucus will put women’s issues at the heart of any conversations as we campaign for a second independence referendum.


To Continue to Advocate for All Women

  • I have experienced first hand the barriers that women face when participating in any level of politics. I will continue to be a strong voice for women and will use my position as Women’s Convener to advocate on any woman’s behalf when necessary. 
  • As I start my own family I also understand the barriers facing mothers and those with care responsibilities. I will ensure the SNP is equipped to support anyone thinking of standing for election.
  • Alongside many SNP women, I have personally benefited from mechanisms to promote gender balance like all female lists. I will continue to campaign for these mechanisms where necessary to address the gender imbalance we see within our own party structures, local government, the Scottish Parliament & in Westminster.

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