Why I’m standing for selection in Argyll and Bute

I grew up and went to school in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute, the town taught me the power that lies in the collective community.

I have been an SNP member for almost a decade and a committed campaigner for independence. During the referendum I founded Generation Yes, the largest grassroots youth movement Scotland has ever seen.

Being from Argyll and Bute I’ve always been an advocate for the inclusion of rural communities in policy development and decision making. In my two years as Convenor of the YSI I regionalised the organisation ensuring each region was properly and fairly represented.

I have brought many successful motions to National Conference, from raising the age of military recruitment to inclusive education, which made Scotland a world leader in this area.

I have served on the NEC as an Ordinary Member and now as National Women’s Convenor where I overhauled the role providing support to women throughout Scotland whilst launching the SNP‘s first Women’s Mentoring Project.

As a Councillor in Glasgow’s first SNP administration, and Chair of the Education Committee, I understand the importance of a strong relationship between MP, MSP and Councillors. I have seen the truly transformative impact working together can have on communities, which will be crucial as we move into an independence referendum and 2022 Council Elections.

I am asking you to vote for me as your candidate to work with you to create and implement policies that work for Argyll and Bute, such as more affordable, quality housing, improved infrastructure, transport links and enhanced digital connectivity. I’m passionate about land reform and bringing land and assets back into community ownership.

As your candidate, mine will be a young family living and working from Argyll and Bute. I will take great pleasure in regularly visiting every corner of the constituency, working to find solutions and endeavouring to keep young people and families within our communities while supporting local businesses, especially post covid.

Let’s work together to keep Argyll and Bute SNP and onwards to independence.

My personal contact details have been shared with every branch in Argyll and Bute, if you have any questions or want to have a chat please get in touch.